• «Super-Cup of Titans» 2016

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  • Yevgen Yarymbash

    4-time winner of the «Super-Cup of Titans»;

    Record holder of the «Super-Cup of Titans» in total - 1221 kg!

  • Malanichev Andrey

    5-time winner of the «Super-Cup of Titans» in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015;

    Records holder of the «Super-Cup of Titans» in the squat 485 kg and deadlift 420 kg.

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The largest annual international event in powerlifting, founded by Sergey Nikeshin in 2005 to promote one of the most democratic force of disciplines and promoting youth sports.

Tournament «SUPER-CUP of Titans» is a sports event held in celebration of the city of St. Petersburg.

To participate in the tournament are allowed 15 athletes - Representatives of the Russian Federation and other countries that have shown results in a total not less than 1050 kg in official competitions: World Championship IPF, European Championship IPF, The National Championship IPF, «Super-Cup of Titans» and at the qualifying tournaments.

Sportsmen won the 1st to 3rd place in the «Super-Cup of Titans - 2015, accepted for the tournament automatically. Of the remaining applicants who passed the selection of athletes and the flow is formed from nine athletes on the priority outcomes shown in the official competitions. In total, the tournament involved no more than 15 athletes.

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